Brand Guidelines


Main Version

Logo Frauscher

The main colour of the Sensor Technology logo will be Dark Blue. Petrol remains as part of the new signet that is added to the Frauscher wordmark. Contrast needs to be checked when used on a dark background.


Frauscher Logo: Variants

The main version should always have preference, but sometimes there are printing limitations. That’s why variants of the logo are presented.



The Frauscher wordmark was carefully built based on the combination of straight lines and 3 sizes of circles. The spacing is optically defined not symetrically, balancing the space around each letter and optimising the overall look.

Clear Space

The clear space around the logo can be measured by the height of the Frauscher F.

Minimum Size

The minimum size for the Frauscher Logo is 26mm and for the Sensonic Logo 22mm.


To ensure that the Frauscher logos are not victims of aesthetic vandalism, the following general rules apply: Do not change, alter, modify any part of the logos. Some examples of missuses are shown below.

  1. Never stretch, squash or rotate the Frauscher logos.
  2. Never apply shadows or effects of any kind to the Frauscher logos.
  3. Never use the Frauscher logos in outlines.
  4. Never change the colours of the Frauscher logos.
  5. Never place the Frauscher logos over a complicated image.
  6. The Frauscher logos have to follow the Clear Space rules (see page 16) and should never be cropped.


The signet is not combined with the group logo, but stands for the Frauscher group. 

The signet can be used for graphic purpose, ideally stays as a whole, but can be cut to fit the format. The signet represents also the Group logo, if it is used without text. But it can’t stand alone for the Frauscher or Sensonic logo. 

Primary use: in petrol on white, in white on dark background (invers).

Secondary use: on a primary coloured background with signet in the 10K darker tone.