Our vision

“Our solutions developed today will become tomorrow's industry benchmark, requiring less hardware to enable smooth, safe and efficient railroad operations.”

This vision motivates us to remain ahead of the market with partners and customers and to develop new solutions together with them. To achieve this, we are constantly collecting feedback from projects and are evaluating alternative, future-oriented technologies which can help to maximise output whilst minimising the effort.

We are able to illustrate these efforts in the form of numerous innovations with which we have already made sustainable changes to the market. This includes the development of the first double sensor which is mounted on a single side of the rail that generates valuable, additional information due to its design. Pluggable sensor cables and the patented rail claws have simplified installation significantly and have proven their functionality all around the globe. The software protocol Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE, which is available free of charge, has been developed from experience in the market and allows for quick implementation of our solutions into existing systems.